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İzzet Çağlayan.



İzzet Çağlayan graduated from the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Science, where he entered with a conscious selection due to his admiration for quantum physics and Prof. Richard P. Feynman. He continues his lifelong learning with his master’s degree in Finance at Dokuz Eylul University upon his undergraduate degree in Quantum Physics.

Thanks to his expertise in Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), which was created by combining the ‘ethnomethodological’ view that makes a difference in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, he played active roles in the restructuring of processes of institutions. He is a part-time lecturer within the framework of Governance, Risk and Compliance, and moderates lectures, conferences and working groups in cooperation with the university and the business world. He has analysis and design studies to provide new qualifications to the complex production development processes of this concept creating the physical environment in the real world through computer, revealing as dynamic and real – time through sensory inputs, in order to be used in the industry.

While doing forward thinking and innovative work on process management in systemic organizational structures, he focuses on the areas of digital ecosystems, IoT, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. This concept, which reveals the physical environment in the real world in live, dynamic and real time with sensory inputs that are created with artificial intelligence, analyzes and designs that will bring new qualities to complex production development processes for use in the industry. He continues its research and studies on effective industrial design, mechanical interaction and innovative products, creates original designs for the company’s DNA and ecosystem with successful information technology resources, sustainable and reliable collaborative relationships and innovation elements;

exChange Lab, streer-Co, businessAgility. By building a bridge between innovative structures and ‘exponential humanity’, it takes part in conferences and working groups in this direction.

Education: Dokuz Eylül University
Based in: İstanbul/Turkey
+90 532 113 7272

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