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Sayra Karayigen.



Sayra Karayigen:

Graduated from Ege University, Department of Mathematics in 1999. His professional journey started with TNT Logistics in Turkey.

The first company he signed a contract was with General Motors operations in Turkey as a specialist the he worked in various levels including the Site Manager.

After a M&A the company changed to CEVA he went to Greece in 2008 as an Expat manager. Returning in Turkey between 2012 – 2015; He took part in the management of JIT / JIS operations, milk-run, pre-production / assembly, CKD / DKD / SKD operations.

With the DKD operation he won the innovation award and the CEVA Global Kaizen award with his digitalization-based project.

He was a member of the leadership team when General Motors operation was chosen as the best warehouse of CEVA, he participated in a Global benchmark project and analyzed the best operations in various countries and worked on the dissemination of the best practices in these countries on a global scale.

He worked as Contract Logistics Director at Kühne Nagel between 2015-2020. During this period, he signed off a successful M&A project.

Education: Ege University
Based in: İstanbul/Turkey
+90 533 205 10 76

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